19 December 2015

Landing No139: Grow Up Your Hair In A Minute

Hellooo fashion travellers! It's a new day today sooo.... let's land in fashion!

I am trying to grow up my hair FOR YEEEARS.. And the result is non existent! That's why I found a solution, which is quick, extremely easy, harmless and effective.. And this is.....

clip in hair extensions!!!

 I had never ever in my life worn hair extensions.. I had no idea how to put them on, which color to choose, how they feel in touch, if I could wash them, etc. Irresistible Me , though makes everything so much easier for all of us ignorants..  

First and foremost, I have to tell you that the quality and quantity is UNBELIEVABLE!!! 

They also help you with a bunch of videos to find your perfect color and lenght.. If you visit their website you can find this page, in which all your possible questions are answered.. 

If you have any questions for me, please leave a comment down below!

That's all for today.. Hope you enjoyed our flight! xoxo <3

- I am wearing the Silky Golden Blonde color -


Thank you for your comments!!!