24 October 2012

Landing No6: H&M Athens, Ermou 54 st.

Hellooo fashion travellers! It's a new day today sooo.... let's land in fashion!

Last week I travelled to Athens and I went shopping at one of the most important roads of fashion in Greece.. ERMOY!
As I was shopping I saw the H&M store and of course I went in.. As soon as I passed the doors I WAS SHOCKED!!! I couldn' t believe my eyes! 

Where should I start?!

I was into a neoclassical building which brings 2600 square meters of fashion over four floors. I was impressed by the classical architecture of the building, the ornate colums, the modern drawings in the wall and the caged displays that are used to display current colour stories and the palatial lighting..
It has four floors, three huge floors of womenswear and one of menswear.
The store is really great and you should go and visit it! You'll love it!

That's all for today.. Hope you enjoyed our flight! Love you! <3

images via fashion and art

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