30 October 2012

Landing No7: Dukas

Hellooo fashion travellers! It's a new day today sooo.... let's land in fashion!

Today we will talk about DUKAS! For those who don't know him, Dukas is a designer from Thessaloniki, Greece..He has an international carreer and he exports his items in Europe, America and Asia (Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, Marbella, Moscow, Monte Carlo, Saint Trope, London, Paris, Milan, Qatar).

 Dukas has also collaborated with Estee Lauder and created a unique accessory to reinforce the Fight Against Breast Cancer Campaign and raise money for the Association of Women with Breast Cancer “A Leap To Life”. 

He also participated in “Paris Fashion Week” 2008/09 and Rihanna is a fun of him! Moreover, his summer pre-collection will be available in Luisa Via Roma the last days of December.. Get in line girls!

Enough about these..
I saw his fall-winter 2012/13 collection and I have to say... I was impressed! I LOVE THESE SHOES! Actually all normal women should love them!

To start with, his collection is seperated in 3 sections.. The spirit, the silhouette and the cheval section..
The first one includes leather high-heeled shoes in mettalic shades of pink, purple and royal gold. The best part are the "glass of champaign" shaped heels. 
The second one includes pointed-pumps in many colors such as black, pink, glittery silver and glittery black. The heels have the shape of "a woman's silhouette". 
The last one, the cheval section, includes black, leather boots decorated with leather chains..
But I know! I have to shut my mouth up and show you some of his marvelous pieces.. I' m sure you'll love them.. 

That's all for today.. Hope you enjoyed our flight! Love you! <3

images via Dukas fascebook

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