04 November 2012

Landing No8: Balenciaga Handbags

Hellooo fashion travellers! It's a new day today sooo.... let's land in fashion!

Everyone has seen them.. Everyone knows them.. Everyone wants to have them.. *Balenciaga handbags*.. 

What's wrong with this bag??? You want to know what's wrong??? I'll tell you.. It's comfy, it's everyday, it's classic, it's elegant and most of all... It's BALENCIAGA!!! We have seen celebrities carrying them, fashion bloggers, models, unknowns, everyone! 

Do you know who Balenciaga was? He was a designer born in Spain and he opened his first boutique in San Sebastian.. Now, the house of Balenciaga is owned by the French multinational company PPR. That's enough! We learned enough history.. Let's have a look to his Fall-Winter 2012/13 handbags and of course the classic Balenciaga handbag, we all love!!!

That's all for today.. Hope you enjoyed our flight! Love you! <3

Balenciaga Spring-Summer 2013 Handbags
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  1. I have also a problem with this bag, I want one of them in dark green.


  2. i love love love love love your blog. Everything from the name to how you present it. Well done, i will be following.



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